Jack and Jessie – South Shields Outdoor Child Photographer – Spring Bluebell mini shoot

Jack and Jessie – Gorgeous brother and sister with the Bluebells. I photographed Jessie as a newborn. The next milestone is when they are sitting up unaided. A beautiful time to see personality sprouting. 2018-06-11_0011.jpg
Just look at the difference 6 months makes
Jack, a lovely caring big brother 2018-06-11_0003.jpg
Such a beautiful relationship they have.

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Isabella – Autumn kids Photoshoot – South Shields Children’s Photographer

Isabella was such a doll! She loved having fun, playing with the leaves. Totally unposed, natural photography with a difference. She was in her element and it shows so well in her photography that I captured. Her eyes sparkle with delight. I had such a blast with her. Her innocence just shines through. My most favourite session of 2017. Lovely way to end Autumn.


FUN, FUN, FUN! Isabella playing with one of natures gifts – I’m SMILING again remembering the day.


I knew I had ‘the shot’ when I’d taken it, goes back to my film days, but when I looked at the back of the camera? I said “nailed it” and showed her mammy those sparkling eyes and stunning eyelashes. Needless to say I LOVED editing this session! I hand edit all portraits in my unique editing style with love, to give you something extra special than those cookie cutter photos you could get anywhere.

You can see Isabella’s essence, her spirit and not once did I use the word ‘smile’ – Isabella’s mam thanked me for getting such natural photos of Isabella, something she had not experienced before.

Linzi, her mam, gave me a 5 star review on Google – “My 2yr old won a competition run on their Facebook page. I was so suprised at how much effort and time they put into her autumn shoot. Especially with it being free! Then when I received the photos, wow absolutely amazing! Highly recommended!”

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Sisterly Love in the summer light – South Shields Children’s Photographer

Summertime light with sisters just being themselves. What a beautiful relationship they have. They played and did their thing and I captured the love they have for each other. This session really shows the art of their innocence, such love and gorgeousness. Stunning girls, an absolute pleasure that re-inspired me that day. Proof planning goes out of the window when you see the light and just have fun!


I just sit here and look adorable.


Oh, go on then, I smile when I’m happy.


Big sister doing her thing, adore her hair.


Beauty just playing with natures gifts.


Samantha, their mam, gave me a 5 star review on Google “Brilliant with kids. Highly recommend. Very professional, wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


This is what it’s all about, capturing real, natural moments from the heart. Eyes alive with love. Art Of Innocence Photography. Pure raw emotion. Just being themselves.

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Summertime Sisters – South Shields Children’s Photographer

Love when a plan comes together. . . I planned and planned some more. Three test shoots later, after trying out friends and family in my chosen location as models, I was ready for my paying clients. The light was perfect on this day and I even planned the session time around the light I wanted and an exact spot. When the girls arrived I saw the light in their eyes and ALL PLANNING WAS OUT OF THE WINDOW! I was moving them for THIS LIGHT, THE NOW LIGHT.
This was an importrant day and I really enjoyed bringing out these beautiful sisters pure, raw emotion.
Their essence is glowing. The art of their innocence, sisterly LOVE.


Beautiful Lexi


Gorgeous Layla who as you can see I photographed as a baby, she’s grown into a lovely little lady.


And cutie pie Harlo, her personality blossoming, lovely to see her again at the sitting stage. See how much she’s changed from a delicate tiny two week old?


Art of Innocence Photography is a unique, natural way to have your children’s essence captured through my eyes. 17 years of expertise creating captivating childhood art work.
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Sophia and her two cousins – South Shields Children’s Photographer

Lately I’ve been venturing outside. When you are surrounded by natures stunning gifts how can you only offer studio photography? Children love playing with the simplest of things, leaves, flowers, sticks . . . . Sometimes kids don’t want to play ball and this was certainly the case for the eldest boy, but I’m pleased to say I never give up – I stayed well beyond my time. It’s all about getting on their wavelength and I am yet to be defeated. I quite honestly love a challenge, I thrive on it and he really enjoyed himself. The children’s grandmother wanted a nice group portrait of all her grandchildren together and I delivered two and one of each grand child.

Sophia in the light.


Not my chosen spot but they LOVED playing with the leaves.


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Miley Victoria – South Shields Children’s Photographer

Miley Victoria was very excited about our outdoor Autumn session. We were surrounded by natures gifts, fallen leaves, horse chestnuts(conkers), beautiful golden tones. . .and I was so inspired to create some wonderful memories for her mam and dad. She was only 4 and did so well. Now they have these wonderful moments to treasure forever seen through my eyes, telling Miley’s story.

Miley, like a watercolour painting.

Just like a model surrounded by Autumn’s golden tones.

She loved playing with the conker in it’s shell.

And enjoyed climbing up a tree.

Posing like a model.

An absolute natural.

Have the art of your child’s innocence captured, so I can tell their story for you.
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Beautiful Newborn Baby Lily – South Shields Newborn Baby Photographer

Having a record of how your newborn baby looks is so important. Changes are so rapid. Before you know it newborn baby features have melted into childhood faces.

Sparkling eyes, beautiful.

Tiny hands and toes, such a lovely keepsake.

And look at Lily now! A big girl, wow. . .how time flies.

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